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Book Review – Breastfeeding Take Two

Thank you to Claire Bulfin, IBCLC for this review of ‘Breastfeeding Take Two’ by Stephanie Casemore.

I like this book. I would recommend to a mother who was disappointed with her breastfeeding journey the first time and is preparing to breastfeed a second baby. This book would also be a great library book for a breastfeeding support group.


‘Breastfeeding Take Two’ contains several honest and real stories from mothers who had challenging breastfeeding experiences, and explores the emotions that these experiences brought up for them, eg one mother is quoted as saying “I was angry and defensive and was ashamed to be seen giving him a bottle.” The book explores how women can work throught these kinds of emotions, come to understand what failed them first time (eg lack of information, support, or confidence) and how to move forward, heal from the loss of their breastfeeding experience, start afresh and ‘take two.’


The author includes well researched references and has a put a lot of work into making this a good reference book as well as personal. She delves into why breastfeeding fails for some and is successful for others. Our chapter explores how society and culture shape how we perceive breastfeeding and how we learn about it (or don’t learn about it!).


Advice regarding breastfeeding issues such as increasing milk supply is well referenced and fact based.


I enjoyed reading the mother’s stories and will definitely recommend it to mothers.