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The Association of Lactation Consultants in Ireland (ALCI) has been in operation for 25 years. The purpose of the Association is to promote the professional development, advancement and recognition of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) for the benefit of breastfeeding infants and children, mothers, families and the wider community.
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Why Infant Reflux Matters Reviewed by Kathryn Downey PHN IBCLC

Why Infant Reflux Matters is another concise book by Pinter and Martin in the series of why it matters. This publisher has pr...
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Liz Greene “Breastfeeding the Late Pre-Term Infant (LPTI)” Reviewed by Jenni Ashcroft

Breastfeeding the Late Pre-Term Infant (LPTI) was a presentation at the 2021 ALCI Spring Study Day by Liz Greene RGN, RM, RN...
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New Guidelines for IBCLC Certifying and Recertifying from 2020 and beyond

by Lorraine O'Hagan IBCLC.   Here is a spreadsheet of the clinical practice calculator  from the IBLCE site. It is ...
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Successful Spring Study Day 2021

ALCI Council hosted the annual Members Only Spring Study Day in March 2021, The event took place over Zoom due to the Cov...
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Upcoming Lactation Education

LLL Ireland Online Conference 21, March 6th.  GOLD Lactation Online Conference 2021, March 29 - June 30, 2021 ...
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Meg Nagle, IBCLC “Supporting Families Through the Tongue Tie Journey” Reviewed by Tara Durkin

Breastfeeding Insight Online Conference (September 1-December 31, 2020, extended to January 31, 2021) on www.breastfeedingcon...
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ALCI All Ireland Breastfeeding Spring Study Day 2021

The Association of Lactation Consultants of Ireland (ALCI) will be hosting its annual breastfeeding Study Day online this yea...
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Why Postnatal Recovery Matters reviewed by Kathryn Downey PHN IBCLC

Pinter and Martin present this concise book in the series of why it matters.  This covers a range of topics from fertility t...
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How can we help when a tongue tie procedure is not possible? By Meg Nagle IBCLC Reviewed by Dr. Vanessa Stitt

GOLD Learning Online Tongue-tie Symposium 2020 Date: September 14, 2020 Meg starts with listing her objectives- to descri...
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