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Breastfeeding is the normal and natural way to feed your baby. In the majority of cases, the breastfeeding relationship is successful and positive, but occasionally difficulties arise which may benefit from professional help. Each mother and baby pair are unique and breastfeeding problems vary.  A private International Board Certified Lactation Consultant can support you in all situations. With support, most breastfeeding issues can be resolved. If you have any questions, please feel free to read our FAQs.  You can find links to useful websites for Mums by clicking here.  Search for an IBCLC in your area by inputting your location and clicking on the icon on the map below.  The HSE has IBCLC’s working in each maternity hospital and in many public health nursing services. Contact your midwife or public health nurse for further information on accessing this service. You can find contact details of breastfeeding services provided by the HSE and voluntary groups in every county at can also talk to an IBCLC by contacting the HSE’s free online breastfeeding support service  Ask the expert – Breastfeeding (

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