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ALCIreland National Conference 2022

Tickets are now on sale for ALCIreland National Conference 2022 on  https://www.alcireland.ie/events/annual-conference/


Speakers release  to date:-

Dr. Roberta Martinelli, Speech, Language and Hearing Pathologist, PhD

Presentation Title –Lingual Frenulum Assessment in infants

The Lingual frenulum protocol for infants is a specific protocol for evaluating the lingual frenulum for infants, whose objective is to diagnose the presence of alterations in the lingual frenulum and the limitation of the tongue movements, which can compromise the functions of sucking, swallowing, chewing and speaking. This protocol is a valid and reliable assessment tool, ensuring accuracy to diagnose tongue-tie.


Laura McHugh, National Breastfeeding Coordinator and Clare Kennedy, Project Coordinator – Baby friendly Initiative

Presentation Title – HSE update on Breastfeeding Action Plan  & National Standards for Infant Feeding in Maternity Services 

The HSE will provide an update on progress on the

  1. National Breastfeeding Implementation Plan
  2. National Standards for Infant feeding in Maternity Services.


Liz O’Sullivan PhD and Deborah Byrne MPhil –

Presentation Title – Experiences of breastfeeding supports within the Irish healthcare system

They will present the results of a survey conducted in 2022 designed to explore the experiences of breastfeeding support across the maternity units in Ireland.  They collected quantitative and qualitative data about experiences in the antenatal period, while in the maternity unit, and in the postnatal period.


Lucy Ruddle , IBCLC, HSC

Presentation Title – Supporting Neurodivergent Parents

Approximately 700,000 people in the UK are autistic, with up to 1.5 million having ADHD. That’s a huge number, without including the myriad of other neurodivergent conditions which many people live with.  Despite these high numbers, women are chronically underdiagnosed, and this leads to a range of challenges which often first become apparent during lactation.  This talk will focus on how to best support neurodivergent parents during their breastfeeding experience.


Lots more speakers to be announced…


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