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Review of Jaye Simpson’s Structure and Function Course

Course review by Aine O’Leary IBCLC


Course Title: Structure and Function –  How Infant Structure affects the Infant’s Function.


Facilitated by: Jaye Simpson-Haleryn (CLE, CIM, BT.)  started her career in lactation in 1995, and qualified as an IBCLC in 2000. She also became a certified instructor of infant massage, tailoring classes for parents of babies with additional needs and structural issues due to birth trauma. Jaye became a Bowen Therapist in 2010 and subsequently developed the Structure and Function training programme in 2013 following research and training to support professionals in the area of birth and breastfeeding.



This two part live educational programme facilitated by Jaye via a virtual meeting room was extremely informative and thought provoking for lactation and post partum practice, and child development. The course was facilitated in a structured semi-formal and very practical manner with flexibility for question time throughout the sessions. When I did the course, we did part 1 on a Tuesday evening from 8:00 to 10:30pm and part 2 the following Wednesday evening from 8:00 to 10:30pm.   There were 9 participants doing the course which really added to the interactive feel of the course.


Jaye, through her thoroughly engaging presentations, outlined various trajectories that may impact babies from birth, into childhood and throughout their life. Various means are detailed on how practitioners can develop their observational skills to identify how any variance/deviation in a baby’s anatomical structures can impact their function. Jaye imparts practical tools for practice in the field of child development and lactation. The findings were clearly outlined through discussion, illustrative and video format. I would strongly recommend this course for any professional working with babies and children but most notably IBCLCs as it strengthens your skills in child development, assessments and observations of the anatomical structures of infants and the knowledge can be readily transferred into every day practice. The course supports the practice of reflection regarding the possible impact on breastfeeding outcome, behaviours and the infant’s life as a whole. Additionally Jaye touches on the various complementary methods that support a baby’s/child’s/adult’s recovery. The benefits and outcomes of accessing complementary supports most notably bodywork in real life case examples are outlined. Helpful links, articles and resources and a link to Jaye’s Facebook page is a bonus following completion of the course.


This course made me reflect on babies that I had the pleasure in supporting in their breastfeeding journey, some of whom struggled and had trouble establishing feeding, and exhibited distressed expressions. On reflection, these issues arose from birth and could be observed through variable anatomical features, structural asymmetries and this had a direct impact on their behaviour and feeding. Additionally, this course further compounds the benefit of bodywork in the early stages of an infant’s life and beyond.


Jaye’s Website https://jayesimpsonpresents.wordpress.com/


Please Note: ALCI has organised Jaye’s course for a number of ALCI members  earlier in the year. If you are interested in doing Jaye’s next Structure and Function Course in April, please contact Caoimhe Whelan caoimhew@gmail.com.