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New Membership Year For ALCI

February 28th sees the start of the next membership year for ALCI. If you are interested in joining ALCI, please fill out our online form here. If you are an existing member of ALCI, you can fill out our membership renewal form here by selecting “Renewal”.


As part of your ALCI membership:



If you are an IBCLC, or become one:


  • you can be listed in the Private Practice Directory, available on the website for mothers who are seeking Lactation Consultancy.
  • be listed in the ‘Speakers Directory’, which is available to members of the public who are seeking a speaker on breastfeeding topics,
  • advertise any course or class for those who wish to become Lactation Consultants in ALCI’s ‘Directory of Education’.


ALCI’s Spring Event (Saturday March 29th, University Maternity Hospital) is for ALCI members only – yet another benefit of joining or renewing your membership.