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Returning to Normal Physiological Birth – Hormones & Birth Kerstin Uvnas Moberg reviewed by Niamh Cassidy

Oxytocin. The love hormone, the contraction hormone, the milk ejection hormone. As lactation consultants this is the basic an...
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LGBTQ+ Competency in Birth and Beyond reviewed by Kirsten Killoran

Did you know that in a 2018 survey, 1 in 2 young adults (18-24 years) did not identify as 100% heterosexual?  (https://yougo...
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Differentiating Normal New-born Weight Loss from Breastfeeding Failure   As a Lactation consultant in a tertia...
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2021 ALCI Conference REVIEWED BY Beena Thomas

I am a Neonatal Nurse, working in a busy NICU of a tertiary referral hospital. In my daily work, I come across many breast-fe...
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BFHI UNICEF Neonatal Conference reviewed by Mairead O’Sullivan

Having attended several previous BFHI UNICEF Conference physically I was enthusiastic as ever to attend this virtual conferen...
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News Archive

September, 2023
Presenting at the ILCA 2023 In-person Conference in Las Vegas:  A Personal AccountILCA 2023 Conference Presentation: Building Policy Coalitions
July, 2023
WHO/Unicef Congress
May, 2023
LCGB Conference April 2023: ‘Unravelling the Mysterious Milk Ejection Reflex’
March, 2023
ALCI’s News – Members SSD’ 23
January, 2023
ALCI’s Latest Bursary Form
October, 2022
ALCI NEWs Vol.1 Issue No.3Spring Study Day 2023
August, 2022
Poster Call for ALCI’s National Conference 2022
July, 2022
Preparing future parents for breastfeeding by Denise McGuinnessALCI donate’s to Irish Red Cross for Ukraine
June, 2022
‘WHY FORMULA FEEDING MATTERS’ Review by Kathryn Downey, PHN & IBCLCReinventing a postnatal ward with skin-to-skin-contact by Regina KincaidALCIreland National Conference 2022ALCI News – LCGB Conference 2022
March, 2022
A View from Within by Kathryn Downey
February, 2022
ALCI Spring Study Day 2022ALCI AGM followed by FREE WebinarFree Webinar to all ALCI Members on 9 March 2022
December, 2021
Infant Mental Health with Dr Sue Jennings reviewed by Roisin O’ByrneReturning to Normal Physiological Birth – Hormones & Birth Kerstin Uvnas Moberg reviewed by Niamh Cassidy
November, 2021
LGBTQ+ Competency in Birth and Beyond reviewed by Kirsten Killoran2021 ALCI CONFERENCE REVIEWED BY Iby Chacko
October, 2021
2021 ALCI Conference REVIEWED BY Beena Thomas
July, 2021
BFHI UNICEF Neonatal Conference reviewed by Mairead O’Sullivan
June, 2021
ALCI Poster CompetitionALCI BursariesALCI ScholarshipWho’s Who In Lactation Support in Ireland
May, 2021
ALCI All Ireland Breastfeeding Conference 2021ALCI Celebrates 40 Anniversary of the Code
April, 2021
Why Infant Reflux Matters Reviewed by Kathryn Downey PHN IBCLCLiz Greene “Breastfeeding the Late Pre-Term Infant (LPTI)” Reviewed by Jenni AshcroftNew Guidelines for IBCLC Certifying and Recertifying from 2020 and beyond
March, 2021
Successful Spring Study Day 2021Upcoming Lactation Education
February, 2021
Meg Nagle, IBCLC “Supporting Families Through the Tongue Tie Journey” Reviewed by Tara Durkin
December, 2020
ALCI All Ireland Breastfeeding Spring Study Day 2021
October, 2020
Why Postnatal Recovery Matters reviewed by Kathryn Downey PHN IBCLC
September, 2020
How can we help when a tongue tie procedure is not possible? By Meg Nagle IBCLC Reviewed by Dr. Vanessa StittALCI 2020 Conference Online2020 ALCI Scholarship Competiton Now Open
May, 2020
The WHO Code on the Marketing of Breastmilk SubstitutesBreastfeeding Support during the COVID-19 Restrictions
March, 2020
Lactation Support amid Covid 19 MeasuresSpring Study Day 20 CANCELLED
February, 2020
Brazilian Food Guide for Children under 2 to Prevent Obesity by Fiona Rea
January, 2020
Lyndsey Hookway: Keynote Speaker at Spring Study Day 2020Why Breastfeeding Grief and Trauma Matter by Amy Brown. Book Review.
December, 2019
The Road to Rio – review of the IBFAN Conference by Sue JamesonNuggets from the 2019 ILCA Conference
November, 2019
Silencing The Self by Denise O’Brien reviewed by Tara Durkin
October, 2019
The Impact of Child Development on Breastfeeding by Elsa Quintana by Sue Jameson.Painful Nipples by Kay Hoover reviewed by Jennifer AshcroftSpring Study Day 2020ALCI At The Aras 2019Breastfeeding Multiples by Kay Hoover Reviewed by Barbara Noonan SextonTongue Tie by Alan O’Reilly reviewed by Barbara Noonan Sexton
September, 2019
Making Breastfeeding Work: Support is KeyALCI Scholarship & Poster CompetitionsUpcoming Breastfeeding ConferencesILCA Conference 2019MAINN Talk On BFHI by Anna Byrom Reviewed By Liz O’SullivanLCinPP Talk On Bottle Feeding by Susan Howard IBCLC reviewed by Pauline McLoughlin
August, 2019
Annual International Meeting of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine in UK this October
June, 2019
Case Study – Breastfeeding and Angelman Syndrome
May, 2019
Breastfeeding and Feminism Conference 2019 – Write Up by Ger Cahill
April, 2019
Review of LCinPP Talk on Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders by Jabina ColemanALCI President Sue Jameson’s Trip to Lithuania
March, 2019
‘LGBTQ+ and You’- Write up of LCinPP Talk by Stephanie Wagner
January, 2019
Successful Spring Study Day 2019
November, 2018
Review of ‘The Positive Breastfeeding Book’ by Amy Brown
October, 2018
Upcoming Lactation ConferencesALCI At The Áras2018 Poster Winners2018 Scholarship Winners
September, 2018
Jen Hogan To Open ALCI Conference
July, 2018
Book Review
June, 2018
ALCI Poster CompetitionALCI Scholarships AvailableBook Now! ALCI Conference 2018
April, 2018
2018 Breastfeeding and Feminism Conference – Ger Cahill IBCLC
March, 2018
ALCI Spring Study Day 2018 Write-UpReview of Jaye Simpson’s Structure and Function Course
January, 2018
Book Review – Breastfeeding Take TwoBook Review – ‘Breastfeeding Uncovered’ by Dr. Amy Brown
October, 2017
Report on the Results of the DAME StudySupporting Couples and Families during Pregnancy after LossWoman-centered Caesarean Birth at UMHL
June, 2017
ALCI All Ireland Conference 2017
November, 2016
ALCI Attends Reception at Áras an Uachtaráin
August, 2016
Does Ireland have a role in celebrating World Breastfeeding Week?
June, 2016
The Voluntary Counsellor Route Towards IBCLC Certification
May, 2016
WHO Code Reaches 35th AnniversaryILCA Appoints Irish Director to Board
September, 2015
Competence Framework for Breastfeeding
August, 2015
Breastfeeding and Work – Lets Make It Work!
July, 2015
ALCI Represented at the first Annual ILCA Partners MeetingInvitation to Tender
May, 2015
ALCI Conference 2015 – with Keynote Speaker Prof. Lisa Amir IBCLC
March, 2015
Happy IBCLC Day!
January, 2015
ALCI Spring Study Day 2015
October, 2014
Celebrating 25 Years Making A Difference In Ireland
September, 2014
Victoria White to Officially Open ALCI Conference
August, 2014
ALCI All Ireland Breastfeeding Conference
June, 2014
“Breastfeeding: A Winning Goal – For Life”Invitation to Tender for ALCI Website
March, 2014
ALCI Celebrates 33rd Anniversary of the WHO CodeALCI’s Successful Spring Study DayStaff Member Attendance At Company Funded EventsALCI Spring Study Day 2014
February, 2014
IBCLC Day 2014: Honouring the Ways IBCLCs Help FamiliesNew Membership Year For ALCI
October, 2013
ALCI Conference Hailed A Great Success
September, 2013
Register before Friday Sept 20th to SAVE €20 at the Annual ALCI Conference
August, 2013
“Creating Realistic Breastfeeding Expectations”World Breastfeeding Week 2013 – Breastfeeding Support: Close to Mothers
April, 2013
Keynote Speaker for ALCI Conference 2013 – Linda SmithALCI Members Only Day A Great Success
March, 2013
Breastfeeding Support and New Technologies – ALCI Members Only Spring Event 2013
February, 2013
IBCLC Day Celebrated Worldwide
January, 2013
ALCI Welcomes Recent ERSI Report
November, 2012
Urge the WHO to cut ties with Nestle: Our Mothers and Babies Are Worth it!
September, 2012
Good Health Begins with BreastfeedingALCI Conference – A Venue For The Quintessence Challenge
July, 2012
“Breastfeeding Research into Clinical Practice”
June, 2012
ALCI Annual Conference
March, 2012
Suzanne Colson To Speak At ALCI Conference ’12
February, 2012
IBCLC Day 2012 Celebrated Worldwide
December, 2011
ALCI Events
February, 2011
IBLCE Exam Results Announced