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ALCI Membership Form

The ALCI membership year runs from February 1st to January 31st. Any membership fees paid after December 1st will allow for membership of the subsequent membership year.

Are your details the same a last year? If so, please use this form. If your details have changed since last year, please use the "New Memberships Form" above.

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If you are a newly qualified IBCLC (only), please upload a photo of your IBCLC Card here or email it to info@alcireland.ie

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Membership Type
Full membership (for current IBCLCs) - €50
Associated membership (for non IBCLCs) - €60
Full time education student - €30

Student ID

If you have selected full time education student, please provide a photo or photocopy of your student id below or email it to info@alcireland.ie

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Payment Type
Paypal - Additional booking fee €3. You will be redirected to a payment portal after submitting this form where you can complete your payment.
We will follow up via email to share payment details and complete registration.
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