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ALCI Membership


Type of membership

Categories of membership are contained in the Constitution.

There are two categories:

  1. Full IBCLC Membership and Associate Membership.
  2. The Associate Membership, this is subdivided into;
  • Associate Membership is open to institutions and other entities that wish to be associated with ALCI. This also covers others interested in the care of the breastfeeding mother and baby.
  • Student Membership/Rates: This is open to full time educational students, ie full time student nurses, midwives, SALT etc

Proof of qualification to join as a full member will be a copy of current IBCLE certification/registration number, or email it to info@alcireland.ie.

Proof of qualification to join as a Student Member will be a photo or photocopy of your current student ID below, or email it to info@alcireland.ie.


All ALCI members support the purpose of the organisation. Increasingly, employers, mothers and health insurers look for membership of ALCI as indicating commitment to professional standards.


Membership is suitable for


  • Individuals studying to become IBCLCs
  • Midwives, Public health nurses & Health visitors
  • Practice nurses, Paediatric nurses & Neonatal nurses
  • Paediatricians, Obstetricians & GPs
  • Dietitians/nutritionists
  • Health promotion specialists
  • Parent craft/antenatal educators
  • Students of the above professions
  • Educators and researchers
  • Community breastfeeding counsellors

Associate members are not IBCLCs and may not use their membership of ALCI for professional promotion. Associate Members receive all regular emails and advance notice of all ALCI events, but are not eligible to vote at the AGM or stand for election.


Membership runs from February 1st to January 31st each year.

ALCI is an all island organisation.


Cost of Membership (Membership runs from February 1st to January 31st each year):


Full IBCLC Membership (for current IBCLCs) =  €50-

Associated Membership (for non IBCLCs) = €60-

Full time education student = €30-


Why join ALCI?

Benefits of Membership include:

  • Access to ALCI’s Member’s only Spring Study Day, CERPs awarded,
  • Access to ALCI’s Member’s only FB Discussion Group,
  • Access to ALCI Member only Webinars, CERPs awarded,
  • Access to a team networking Community,
  • Discounted Rate to ALCI’s National Conference, CERPs awarded,
  • Get Member discount’s on various offers through the year,
  • Listing on ALCI’s website directory if offering Private Practice,
  • Access to ALCI’s Scholarship’s Program,
  • Access to Bursaries for Conferences/Educational Events,
  • Being connected with enthusiastic like-minded people. 
  • Regular emails to keep members up to date with activities and continuing education about breastfeeding issues and events
  • Listing in, and a copy of, an emailed ALCI members directory,
  • Skills development through participation in various task groups and committees,
  • Representation on National Breastfeeding Strategy Committee, Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative National Committee, Baby Feeding Law Group and through National consultations
  • Networking and support among IBCLCs in Ireland and Internationally,
  • Full members have the right to vote* for ALCI Council and on items relevant to the Association’s purpose, goals and functioning.

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